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Pokemag’s Daily Horoscope – Wednesday, February 10th

Your Pokemag’s daily horoscope is ready. Some of you will relate, some may not. Either way, we hope you find the motivation and encouragement to make the most of your day.


You could start feeling more detached or distant from your favorite people right about now, but there is nothing to worry about. Don’t let your emotions convince you of things that aren’t true. These people haven’t changed and you haven’t changed. The situation has changed, and it will change again. So whatever weirdness is going on right now won’t be going on forever. Just be patient and know that these people care about you. You still have a place in their lives.


Don’t let someone else establish the framework of a particularly important conversation today. If the topic involves deep emotions, you need to make sure that you say what you need to say without getting too defensive. Watch for nonverbal clues that someone might not be telling the whole story, and then ask them about it. Communication is always important, but right now you have to make sure that it is as healthy as it is effective.


It’s important to stay on your toes today, but staying sharp isn’t just about being alert, it’s also about being healthy. Make sure you start this day with a good breakfast. None of this dessert-type stuff either. You need solid brain food to keep you focused and thinking positively. Too much sugar too early in your day just about guarantees that you’re going to run out of steam by the afternoon. So make vegetables, proteins, and grains your new best friends for the next few days.


Be careful who you get involved with, especially in terms of any business dealings. Your urge to get what you want is so strong that it could be blinding you to some major red flags that are popping up left and right. Maybe there’s been too much instant gratification in your life lately, and you might need to start changing that. When you get what you want when you want it, the value is lessened. But when you work and save for something over time, it’s all the more valuable when you finally get it.


 If you look beneath the surface of pleasant small talk today, you’re sure to find some clues that point to the real intentions that lie behind what people are saying. There is a big disconnect between what they’re saying and what they’re feeling, but the mystery as to why they’re acting like this isn’t yours to solve. Just make sure that you’re the one person who is truly saying what they mean. It will help you persevere and succeed at your latest venture.


You are starting to think twice about a compromise you recently made with a friend. What you thought was going to happen isn’t happening, and now you’re wondering if you made a mistake. Well, you’re stuck with the consequences of your actions, so just make the best of it and try not to have any regrets. You can be up front about any concerns you’re having with the other person, but you can’t expect them to make a change to suit your needs. It’s just not realistic right now.


People notice when other people stand up for their principles, and they’ll notice when you stand up for yours today. Sure, by sticking to your guns you might make things inconvenient for one or two folks, but so what? You can’t change your way of doing things just to make someone else happy. If people consider it selfish of you to resist going along with the crowd, that’s their problem, not yours. Be prepared to go it alone for the next few days if you must. It will be worth it.


People are very different on the inside than what their outside appearance may lead you to believe. Of course, this isn’t news to you, but it’s something to keep at the front of your mind today. When you meet someone new now, you need to go way beyond not judging this book by its cover. You’ll need to go ahead and read a few pages before you come to any conclusions about who they are and what they could bring to your life. Give them respect and some of your time.


You’ll be able to make just about anything entertaining today, given the huge wave of creative energy you’re riding right now. You know how to keep your brain engaged and have fun in very subtle ways. You don’t have to be laughing hysterically to enjoy what you’re doing. For you, just taking a walk outside and enjoying the scenery will be enough. Small gestures, quiet conversations, and unconscious actions will be a hallmark of today.


It’s true that you need friends in order to lead a more fulfilled life, but it’s not a good idea to get too hung up about how many friends you have. It’s all about quality, not quantity. If you think that just because you aren’t always part of a big gang of people that you don’t have the level of support you need, that is utter nonsense. All you really need is one person who is willing to listen without judgment. That person could be a teacher, a co-worker, or a neighbor.


Your deep feelings for someone get even deeper today when they do something that reminds you just what a special person they are. Take time to express to them how they make you feel, and don’t be afraid to get flowery with your words. Just because you may have told them how much you care about them in the past doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remind them about it again and again! It feels good to be admired, and don’t you want to make them feel good?


You need to confront someone about a difficult issue, but you’ve been putting it off. It’s totally understandable. After all, it’s not fun to have complicated conversations. But the longer you put things off, the worse things will get. So today, stop being wishy-washy about how you feel! It will be exhilarating and liberating to step up and get something off your chest. It’s only once you get it off your chest that you’ll realize just how heavily it was weighing on you.