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Adidas: the world's longest pair of sneakers!

Adidas breaks a record: the world’s longest pair of sneakers!

Clown shoes in the shape of a baguette, that’s how the collaboration between Adidas and Tommy Cash would be defined. At least one meter long, the sneakers could perfectly go with a clown costume. Especially since for each pair, one of the shoes is white while the other is black.

Even the largest sizes will no longer have trouble finding shoes to fit their feet. Adidas unveiled these oversized sneakers on Monday, March 1, for its collaboration with rapper Tommy Cash.

An incredibly long pair of Superstar sneakers. Two models were created, one is white and the other is black, both measuring one meter in length.

For the moment this sneaker is the longest ever invented, taking part of an era where sports shoes compete in audacity and originality.

Tommy Cash said: “The angel and the demon live at the same time inside me, two opposites in a constant struggle with each other. So why should I hide a part of my personality, when both can coexist perfectly. Yes, these sneakers are different colors. But after all, they reflect my state of mind, which changes every day. And I will proudly wear both versions of this iconic sneaker at the same time”, a source of inspiration.

The two shoes also bear the laser signature of the Estonian rapper. Available in limited edition, this pair of sneakers is on sale on the Adidas website. For those in doubt, the extended version of this limited edition was only intended for Adidas’ advertising campaign.

Adidas x Tommy Cash collaboration sneakers
Adidas x Tommy Cash