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Are we listening to the same shit?

What if we got used to a mediocre level of music in Morocco?

Are we listening to the same shit?
I think we are, bzez.
In fact we have no choice, who is really giving us something real ? we can’t know.
But the thing is the new trends are screaming the street and how hard life is, depressing shit.
Are they living it ? Most famous moroccan artists post their life on social media and none of them is actually living what they’re singing.
Did they before ? I WOULDN’T BET ON IT.
What I know for sure is that it is a new lyrical direction that we’re already tired of.
And moroccan music industry can’t be entirely that, sad rap, angry rap, just rap.
I begin to ask myself if we are prasing the right people, I mean we are creating idols for the younger generation and I honestly don’t think repetitive words of sadness and anger with bad grammar would be of any help to youngsters discovering ‘art’ or just be themselves and discover who they wanna be.
And don’t get me wrong we have amazing artists with real identities and own touches, but just not as viral as they should be on internet, not getting the recognition they deserve, some of them end up questioning their talent, and others start surfing the wave of what’s working because the audience is too busy liking, sharing, screenshotting ‘artists’ who can’t write a whole verse that actually make sense.
We should start supporting artists who actually deserve the spotlight.

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