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Are we slaves of social conditioning?

Are we slaves of social conditioning?

Do you ever lay down in bed at the end of your day and find yourself so overwhelmed that you cannot collect one concrete thought or emotion?

Then you probably need to pause, and rewind the movie.

Every morning, our alarms go off. We open our eyes to a screen and  start downloading information from that point on until we fall asleep, to a screen again.

Time is up back to work.

We finish early today, you need to meet some friends after work, group chat? Scheduled. A 20-minute cab drive: the news are on the pandemic is getting worse apparently. Anxiety kicks in.

We arrive, our friends are late. To avoid all social awkwardness, we stay on our phones, scrolling, clothes, success story, products, discounts, relationship goals. 5 minutes later your friends suck, and your life is a mess. Oh no here they are, it’s all fine.

10 PM in bed

Did I do enough today? Am I busy enough? When am I going to be as successful? My throat is sore. Oh, lord did I catch a virus? Wait did my crush DM me back? Checks phone No not yet, he probably doesn’t like me. How dare he post without answering first? Already midnight, I need to get up in 5 hours.


Familiar inner analog?

We are the generation of consuming, children of constant distraction and slaves to the pressure of not doing enough.
We are the ones to have so many possibilities, that they drown us.
So much information, that it confuses us.
So much potential, that we are frightened by it.

Do you ever remind yourself of the need to pause and just breathe?
Are you aware of the amount and nature of the informations that have been uploaded to your conscious and subconscious through the last 8-12 hours?

Some of us get stuck on this constant race, to get somewhere, and get there fast. A self imposed standard of success that was created by society to begin with.

When we find ourselves on a high speeding train towards a brick wall, we have to jump off.

As the youth of knowledge and creativity, we must use them to grow our consciousness. We must ask ourselves the right questions.
Do not be afraid to question everything you have ever believed to be true.

Are you living a life that is truly authentic to you as a being?
Are you seeking a dream out of pure passion, or have you been programmed to believe it is what will bring you joy?
Is the grass really greener elsewhere?

Remember, some days, just getting up in the morning is enough.
Just sitting there and being present is enough.
Life is not a race, and there is no finish line to be reached.
Life is about the journey, do not waste it trying to get to a destination that is not true to you.

Discover yourself on a deeper level and make yourself a research subject.
Peel off the layers of programming you have been exposed to since birth.
Get to the root of which you are, because only then can you find your purpose and lead a meaningful experience.
Your ambition then will be worthwhile, your hard work will come to fruition.
We are the generation to expand consciousness. It is the only way to create a healthier and better future for humanity.
For us and for those who follow, we must reach to the root of what once was and bring back the essence of it to our technology led lives.

Especially, remember to sit in silence.
Silence your thoughts.
Only through calm water can we see clearly.
Only on calm water can we float rested and orient the sailing.

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