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Who I am supposed to be? What I am supposed to do?

Questions answered in several ways, in every instagram account, it can be an influencer, your friend, your favorite motivational page, your favorite athlete or yogi teacher.

You’ll find answers everywhere, but are those answers really helpful ? Aren’t we supposed to find answers alone? or not find them at all at this age.

I’m 21, and pressured by everything lately. It is Pandemic life now but also a million dollar tiktoker life. I don’t know if I should be hustling to secure my future, pursue my dreams or just dance on tiktok.
I dropped out of college in early 2020 thinking it was not for me, then Covid said HI and never left since, I don’t know if I should be worrying about my future or just go with the flow, don’t know if I should meditate, do face masks and workout or just hustle day and night.

‘ Be who you want to be’, ‘ Focus on your own journey’ , ‘set goals and stick to them’, ‘Focus!’
I don’t know about you but I keep reading these posts on instagram and it starts making 0 sense to me.
It is really hard to find a balance at this age (21 y/o), when I was a younger kid my parents told me that my twenties were supposed to be discoveries and learning only; what I like, what I don’t, bunch of failures in relationships, fun, sadness, happiness etc..

I’m 21, working, trying with my dreams, and mostly on my phone getting information I don’t need.
Here I am telling you it is totally fine to be a mess, I’ve been a mess for a year and a half now and I’m still trying to get my shit done, and find my way to a better living with healthier habits and cleaner thoughts.
This is a message for you, young adult trying.
Don’t stop trying, and never blame yourself for something you have no control of.

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