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Clubhouse: a new social network

Clubhouse: a new social network

Newcomer in the world of social networks, Clubhouse is an audio application that revolutionizes the way we communicate. Here, no likes, no shares, only instant conversations that you can join or leave at will. Explanations and verdict.

The Clubhouse platform that is currently buzzing, no images, only sound, like a podcast or a radio, on which everyone can intervene (if they have something to say).

The social network offers the possibility to join groups or communities, despite the geographical distance. Above all, it is an opportunity to chat with friends or strangers. But beware, not just anyone can enter the Clubhouse.

Clubhouse: what is it ?

A social network based solely on audio, Clubhouse is a platform that offers its users the opportunity to converse live. By creating discussion “rooms”, around a theme of their choice, to which they invite other users to exchange with them. Live. Each “room” is moderated by a moderator who distributes the floor and users can ask to join the room, either to listen or to participate in the conversation. Once admitted in a chat room, it is indeed possible to “raise your hand” to ask to speak, and thus take part in the debate. If you’ve always dreamed of talking to Michelle Obama, Jamel Debbouze or Mark Zuckerberg, your dream may well come true.

How to get there?

The application became available to the general public in early 2021. For the moment, only iPhone users have access to it and you have to be sponsored to join the platform. Once co-opted and registered, the user receives two invitations which he can share with his friends and family.

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