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I decided to be a cool introvert

How to find balance in relationships

When it comes to connections, I used to care a lot about people around me (ALL THE PEOPLE AROUND ME) always trying to make everybody happy, trying to find solutions for 15 friends, I felt like it was my mission in life.

To be there for everyone just made me happy and at the end of every day I felt good, fullfilled and content.
Doing it for years made me feel tired, drained and uncomplete, I didn’t know who I was anymore and felt dragged into a life that wasn’t mine.

What I decited to do is let life decide of how long my connections with people will be. Not making unncessary efforts, not trying all the time to make people confortable in my presence and not fighting with circumstances.
I’m letting my aura speak for me as it normally should, I am trusting my intuition and making time for myself, to build a more complete version of me that still cares about her people, but not openening doors of intimacy to all the people.
Save time for yourself by trusting what your energy can attract.


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