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Inner Kid by Yousra Blali

Inner Kid

I woke up this morning in a— let’s say okay—mood. It was one of those days when getting out of bed feels like a big decision to make and you start convincing yourself that those extra 5 minutes of sleep will give you will make a difference, of better yet, give you the Superwoman kinda energy.

But I decided to get up anyway. (To be honest, my main motivation was my low-key coffee addiction).

I went straight to the bathroom after and we all know why, only to look at the mirror and discover a huge pimple on my face. What a delightful surprise! “Of course I’m gonna pop it”, I said to myself. “I shouldn’t that’s for sure, but I so will”

So I did pop it! That was satisfying. Now I got to wash my face of course, you know, GERMS. I was gonna start my morning skin care routine anyway. So I brought on my cleanser, opened and squeezed to get the product off, and I squeezed in a way that a bubble came out as well (you know, science).

There it was, a bubble flying next to me, and there I found myself laughing so hard while trying to catch it like a little kid. 

That, my friends, was my inner kid who forgot about the scary world for a second, and came out of her hiding. That kid loves bubbles and it was them that triggered it. 

And I double laughed at myself, and my mood suddenly changed. 

I loved that feeling, because I always say I won’t let my inner kid die. The kid who would laugh at anything, act silly and stupid just for the hell of it. I would get excited just seeing the swings, or jumping happily with a dog that as happy … But someone will always come along the way and try to tell you : What are you doing?! You need to grow up! 

That kid goes into hiding, and you never know when you gonna see her again, until a bubble shows out of my cleanser. 

I wish I could put this is any simpler way, but, NEVER ever let your inner kid die, growing up as a person has nothing to do with it. Maturity has no age. 

I’m very serious when it’s needed. 

But I’ll always Have my “YEPAA” stupid, very bad jokes moments. 

At the end, my inner kid taught me today that I should maybe treat life and problems as bubbles, I will run after them with confidence and POP.