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Marrakech in the time of Covid19

Video: Marrakech in the time of Covid19

Despite the unusual situation that the world dwells on nowadays, the city of Marrakech has found a way to charm the world once again.

This time combining the beauty and the diversity of the whole region thanks to a video realized by the CRT of Marrakech, in collaboration with Pokemag, and posted on the socials of these latter, @visitmarrakechregion and ours, obviously!

Aside from the aesthetic side, the video’s inspiring message stems from the fact that it is the fruit of a collaboration between a couple of local talents who, in spite of lockdown and lack of resources, still managed to find a way to communicate and deliver at the highest of standards. 

A few days prior to the state of emergency declared by the Moroccan government, Morocco’s youth magazine, Pokemag. (us) were on a road-trip accompanied by Anas Ouadidy, a highly rated photographer -not because he’s our friend and road companion- , in which we headed west Marrakech and took the visuals that were destined to promote the region of Marrakech and nourish the socials the socials of this latter. 

But when lockdown became official, the Pokemag team (us, again) decided to go on quarantine and felt the necessity of contributing to the raise of awareness within the Moroccan society, all of which, while promoting the ochre city on a global scale.  

The confinement mood inspired the text, and as the text had a feeling, it needed a voice who’d make it felt. Hence, the collaboration with Asmae Charifi, who not only has an angelic voice, but a singer and a rising star as well. (Don’t take the pains of looking her up on Instagram, here’s her official IG account.)   


However, if you can’t visit Marrakech today, it is the land of inspiration and celebration that will come to you! Stay tuned!



Marrakech in the time of Covid19