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Mohammed VI Polytechnic University: A 100% online MBA

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University: A 100% online MBA

The Africa Business School is launching an online MBA program for African executives and future decision-makers.

Spread over a period of 18 to 21 months, the program offers an immersion based on action learning and customized coaching. This formula aims to equip participants with skills that will enable them to better meet the managerial challenges in Africa. Supporting them in the development of new business models also justifies the launch of such a program. Human capital is at the heart of priorities in an increasingly complex and changing environment. The details.
The Africa Business School (ABS), a school created within the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), has just launched a new Online MBA program aimed at high-potential executives and experienced entrepreneurs in Africa. As designed pedagogically, this degree program is aimed at African managers or future managers who wish to develop their decision-making skills and adapt to future challenges.

The pedagogical engineering retains the flexibility to offer a balance to participants between their professional and personal lives. The new program of MBA is spread over a period of approximately 21 months and allows for immersion based on action learning and customized coaching. “Action learning is found, among other things, in a dedicated module, where learners respond in groups to a concrete problem of an organization in Africa. The objective is also to allow participants to create networks and learning communities of pan-African executives and entrepreneurs with very diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, for a dynamic and enriching learning experience,” explain those in charge of the training.

As a reminder, Africa Business School (ABS) was established in 2016 within the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P). Its remit is focused on training the leaders of tomorrow, thanks to an original combination of academic and business approaches. The pedagogical team relies on a network of prestigious international academic partners, ABS aims to contribute to social and economic development in Africa and beyond. Social responsibility, critical thinking, innovation, coding, applied research and African issues are all areas developed in such a pedagogical content.

Candidates are exposed to multidisciplinary research, new teaching methods, all to enhance their skills to better understand the increasingly complex and rapidly changing environments.