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Netflix ban sharing account between friends?

Netflix bans sharing account between friends?

The days of sharing a Netflix account between multiple users may be coming to an end. Indeed, the streaming platform would have started to send warnings to some users who use an account that is not recognized as their own,

If you were planning to use a Netflix account that does not belong to you to watch the second part of behind her eyes, it is possible that this is no longer possible. Netflix began taking steps to warn users that they should not share an account if they were not in the same household.

Indeed, according to Netflix’s terms of service, a customer’s account on the VOD platform “cannot be shared with people outside your household,” even though Netflix has tolerated this practice for several years.

Some customers begin to receive a message when they log in to Netflix, telling them that they must live in the same household as the account holder. The message includes a verification process using a code sent via email or text message for whoever happens to be the account holder, if they are logging in from another location.

At this point, it’s unclear what exactly is driving users to receive this alert or if all markets are affected. However, Netflix said this is a “limited” test, without specifying whether it will be widespread in the future.

Therefore, if everyone used their own account, it might encourage the plateform to lower its rates, or offer more original content.