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Pokemag’s Daily Horoscope – Friday, February 12th

Your Pokemag’s daily horoscope is ready. Some of you will relate, some may not. Either way, we hope you find the motivation and encouragement to make the most of your day.


As an Aries, you don’t always recognize when you’re in need of a break. The cosmos are gently reminding you to pull back and nurture yourself today, as the moon slips into dreamy Pisces. Try to prioritize activities that restore and replenish your spirit, rather than push yourself into productive action. Luna’s stimulating connection to innovative Uranus can help you unlock new elements to your talents behind closed doors.


Everything has been riding on the changes taking place in your career, Taurus. So much so that you may feel a bit disconnected from the community of friends that matter to you. Friday’s skies see the moon transition into empathic Pisces, helping you tune back into your social circle to vent, laugh, or cry together. Luna’s electric link to authentic Uranus offers new opportunities around your self-expression.


You’ve been so in your head, Gemini. It’s time to come back to Earth and make your visions a reality! The moon slips into deep-feeling Pisces this morning, redirecting your focus towards your current set of ambitions and career concerns. It’s an ideal day to put yourself in front of the right people, as you tend to stand out from the pack during this time of the month.


One more day of the same old routine is bound to drive you crazy, Cancer. Find a way to shake things up under Friday’s skies, lest you go stir-crazy. The moon moves into ethereal Pisces, helping you reconnect with yourself and restore a sense of emotional balance. Luna’s stimulating link to change-bringer Uranus offers an outlet for fun and excitement through your community and friendships.


As a Leo, it can be difficult for you to sit with your messier emotions. You tend to joke about them or avoid them altogether if they try to swallow your shine. Friday’s skies ask you to approach any unsettled feelings from a patient place, as the moon slides into soft and sweet Pisces. It’s an ideal day for deep talks with a trusted friend, as you’re in need of an emotional release.


So much of your energy has been invested into your workflow lately, Virgo. The universe works to balance your life back out today, as the moon slides into your opposite sign of dreamy Pisces. Relationships and their concerns dominate the day ahead, as you find yourself devoting energy to your love life. Luna’s link to electric Uranus offers an opportunity to refresh your usual romantic routine.


Friday’s skies kick you into high-gear, Libra. The moon cruises into feel-it-all Pisces this morning, directing the bulk of your attention towards your current to-do list and any imbalances taking place around your health. Luna spends the day in an electric connection with shake-it-up Uranus—giving you the opportunity to incorporate new elements of your talents into your workload.


Things have been a bit too heavy for you lately, Scorpio. The cosmos work to give you the break you deserve today, as the moon wades into richly creative Pisces. Luna’s stay here helps to restore a sense of balance and bring an uplifted approach to any personal passion projects that have been on the back-burner. Luna’s strong connection to routine-breaking Uranus offers exciting avenues to be explored through partnership.


You rarely let yourself get the rest you need, Sagittarius. The universe is encouraging you to slow your pace today, as the moon drifts into dreamy Pisces. You’ll be happiest if you keep a low social profile and stick to small tasks around the house, rather than continue to tax yourself mentally. Luna’s link to inventive Uranus offers opportunities to bring a fresh angle to projects you’re working on.


A busy day lies ahead, Capricorn. After a few days of ruminating on your potential, you’re ready to begin doing your part to share your story. The moon slides into poetic Pisces this morning, gearing you up for any activities that require self-expression. You need to have your voice heard today, and the moon’s link to breakthrough Uranus offers you the chance to bring a fresh perspective to creative endeavors.


Friday’s skies are all about taking stock of what you’ve already got, Aquarius. The moon drifts into emotionally rich Pisces this morning, turning your attention to your current set of skills and the state of your financial resources. It’s an ideal day to reconnect yourself to a forgotten talent or to simply check in and organize the material side of your life. Luna’s connection to excitable Uranus helps bring a touch of playfulness to the day too.


The world is your oyster, Pisces. You need only reach out and take what you need! The moon slips into your sign this morning, helping you get back on the scene and out of your private cave of isolation. Luna’s presence in your sign stirs your need to be heard, seen, and validated—and her link to electric Uranus can help you bring a new angle creatively to the story you’re telling.