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Pokemag’s Daily Horoscope – Friday, February 5th

Your Pokemag’s daily horoscope is ready. Some of you will relate, some may not. Either way, we hope you find the motivation and encouragement to make the most of your day.


You can enjoy a surge of power today, which might cause some problems with one of your relationships. This person thought they were the one in charge, and it’s going to be a bit painful for them to face reality today. Handle this potentially tense situation by anticipating their objections. They’re experiencing a bit of paranoia, and it would be wise for you not to play into it. Don’t rush to defend yourself against what they’re saying. They will come around eventually.


Experiment in your relationships today. Switch roles with the other person and mix it up a bit. If you’re usually the one who drives the discussion or organizes all the plans, ease up and let them do all the heavy lifting for a day. And if you’re usually the one in the back seat, climb up front. See what it feels like to steer things for a while. You’ll gain a new respect for how the other half lives, and you will help cement the foundation of your relationship even more.


 Take each hour as it comes today. Let the day unfold as it will, and try not to push things in any one direction. Resist the urge to fill up your free time with errands or tasks. Being busy just to be busy is no way to exist right now. It might feel a little weird to have no plans for the day, but this experience will be good for you. If today is already booked, make a note to leave a free day in the near future. It’s time for you to just let the world happen.


You’re starting to take on a role as supportive mentor to the rest of your crew. This might feel a little bit uncomfortable for you, but it’s the right way for things to be evolving. Now more than ever, you are better at connecting with others than anyone else. You can see the commonalities between people who don’t always get along. Use that insight today and you can help people sort out some thorny issues. People are counting on you to be there for them, and you always are.


You have a great insight into major events going on right now, and a lot of people would love to know what you know. Sitting in the catbird’s seat gives you a great feeling, and you are finally coming to a place where you can truly value your position in life. Resist the temptation to lord your power over other people who are at disadvantage. You don’t want to burn any bridges. Keep your cool and play this out more conservatively than you might want to.


Be encouraging and help others ride the wave of good energy that you’re on right now. It’s easy for you to create good times for your people because you’re feeling exceptionally generous and warm toward the people you care about the most. You know all their favorite things, so why not plan something you know they’ll love? It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Whatever you do, they will love your trademark thoughtfulness.


Keeping in touch with your inner self is extremely important right now. You need to start listening more to that nagging voice in your head. It knows who you really are, and it will lead you to what you really need in life. Ignore what other people are telling you to do. They have good intentions, but they don’t know the real deal. Stick to your instincts. It might take time to get there, but soon you will be standing on a firm foundation of self-awareness and self-confidence.


A friend’s curiosity might be driving you a little bit crazy today. They might want to know things that you don’t want to tell them. This prying act of theirs is fairly new, and since you’re not really liking it, you need to nip it in the bud. Tell them that you love them, but they need to mind their own business. Mark your boundaries clearly and let them know that there are certain things you will share with them and certain things you won’t. It’s nothing personal.


One of your authority figures could be a little difficult to deal with today, but you probably won’t be interacting too much with them. When you do, just smile while you listen to them talk and then go right back to what you were doing the way you were doing it. They’ll be all bark and no bite right now, because they’re distracted by the people above them who are giving them grief. Any stress they generate for you is just misplaced frustration.


 Surround yourself with people who are down-to-earth and grounded today. You know, the people who might not always know what the hottest trends are. These people have the right kind of focus, and you could really benefit from it. They will be able to help you become much more grounded yourself! Take a tip or two from a really mellow person and you will start to learn how to stay cool, calm, and collected in the midst of the most stressful situation. You can learn how to filter out the noise.


Everyday events and typical conversations take on more significance today. You are able to see the hidden meanings just under the surface, which will put a whole new slant on what is happening on the surface of things. This insight could be extremely useful, especially if you use it in a work context to get one step ahead of your competition. Knowing things that other people don’t know is one of the most valuable of all assets.


One of your newer relationships has more twists and turns than a Hollywood thriller. At first, things with them were great, then suddenly they started getting stressful. How are you two going to get closer if you don’t understand how they think? Put this crazy relationship movie on pause and take some time apart. Find out what life is like without them, and then get back in touch in a few weeks. You might just end up agreeing to disagree, which is a solid solution.