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Pokemag’s Daily Horoscope – Friday, January 22nd

Your Pokemag’s daily horoscope is ready. Some of you will relate, some may not. Either way, we hope you find the motivation and encouragement to make the most of your day.


After doing your best to hold a grudge (something you’ve never been any good at) a peaceful wave washes it away, even if a friend did something that feels like absolute treason to you. You’ll wake up feeling compassionate and ready, finally, to accept the apology. Still, while forgiving is a good idea, don’t feel bad if you’re not quite able to forget. It’s called wisdom, and it comes with experience.


You’re torn between two very strong impulses. One side of you wants to shout your news to the world at large. The other side can’t stand the thought of letting a soul know even half of what’s going on inside you, at least not until you find a way to bring those warring factions to a happy compromise. Do what you can to ensure that your special friend and your family and friends are all getting along. But for now? Stay silent.


Believe it or not, that exotic new acquaintance with the terrific accent is more than ready to meet your crew, and the feelings are mutual. Both sides are curious, and both are eager to see if everything you’ve said about the other is true. You’re in charge of what happens next, and you’re ready to make some interesting and different choices.


Management has always been something you’ve always believed you’d be pretty good at, given the chance. Well, here it is. The chance to climb a ladder, corporate or otherwise, has just arrived, and if you can manage to negotiate joint resources and intimate dialogues, you might be able to make a name for yourself as well as a comfortable mark on the world at large. Go get ’em.


You’re just about ready to tend to the dilemma you’ve been trying so hard to work out. In fact, if you can manage it, take some time now before things really heat up. Your best bet? Spend some time with your significant other and surprise them with something special. Aren’t you due for some time away from everyone except your partner?


The universe is enhancing critical thinking, making it easier for you to formulate crucial decisions. Negative thinking can be a hindrance to forward progress. Look on the bright side as much as possible. You can be direct without coming on too strong, which is a helpful skill to have. Reaching the perfect balance between aggressiveness and tactfulness improves your personal life and career beyond what you might have thought possible.


Something could cause you to say some uncharacteristic things, and putting your foot in your mouth could result in awkwardness, embarrassment, and even regret. You’re only human, though, so your verbal faux pas should be forgiven in time. The universe shows you what’s possible when you dream big, so don’t lose sight of your hopes and wishes. What will it take to turn a fantasy into reality? You’ll get where you want to be by combining determination and imagination.


The poise and assurance that oozes out of every pore doesn’t only work from nine to five, you know. It’s pretty much a 24/7 kind of thing, and it pertains even more to your behavior once you punch out of work, since just about everyone will still be looking to you for approval and support. That goes double for your family right now, so get busy. Think of it as a tremendous compliment and be the benevolent dictator. You’re perfect for the job.


Let the rest of the world deal with problems. Your job now is to forget about anything that’s serious and enjoy some time with family simply because you can. You can sometimes be set in your ways. Will you change your mind about a long-standing belief? You’re willing to debate it, and that says a lot.


No matter where you go, what the circumstances are, or why you happen to be there, more often than not you’re likely to be made the honorary principal and the financial officer. Most times you don’t mind. In fact, you often enjoy it. If this is one of those times when you don’t want to be on duty, bow out graciously. If you see a need, as usual, you’ll jump in and help. But for your own sake, take some time off.


When you least expect it, someone you’re quite fond of could call, write, or visit with one objective in mind: persuade you to take their side in a tricky dispute. You, of course, won’t hesitate to agree, especially if it’s a city hall kind of thing. This time, though, you might want to insist that they uncover the nature of the problem before you sign up.


Tell everyone all what you think even if you suddenly realize that it’s going to startle them by revealing a romantic secret. Your list of priorities has changed drastically recently. It’s okay. It’s not all that odd. One event can open your eyes and allow you to see things clearly. So make your announcement and don’t worry. All’s well that ends well, as they say.