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Pokemag’s Daily Horoscope – Monday, February 1st

Your Pokemag’s daily horoscope is ready. Some of you will relate, some may not. Either way, we hope you find the motivation and encouragement to make the most of your day.


Your opinions are valid, but you had better not expect everyone to agree with them right now! Give up trying to change anyone’s mind before you even get started today. Everyone is feeling like sticking to their guns instead of opening their minds. Instead, you will make better use of your time if you channel your emotions into a creative pursuit like cooking, singing, or writing. Avoid banging your head against a wall with a bunch of folks who just don’t get it.


When it comes to starting a new romance, you should err on the side of modesty right now. Instead of focusing exclusively on having a sizzling affair with someone right off the bat, just be happy with the warm connection you have. Develop it slowly. Too much heat too early could just mean that you two will end up fizzling out faster. A slow burn gives both of you enough time to really appreciate your connection and build upon it in a respectful way.


Someone close to you has been having some money issues, and it’s naturally going to start affecting their social life. Your job is to be sensitive to the fact that they might not be able to do the things you used to do together. You can certainly offer to pay for them here and there, but that might only make them feel embarrassed, so avoid doing that if you can. They don’t need you reminding them of their situation. It’s a good time to be grateful for what you have.


Your intuitive feelings, while usually helpful in your decision-making, are going to be quite distracting today. Weird hunches or troublesome feelings could keep you from focusing on an important project that really needs your full attention. Your gut is worrying over one thing while your brain is struggling with something else, and the clash could become problematic if you don’t get a handle on it early. Turn off your subconscious and just keep your mind focused.


The pressure of a deadline could be bearing down on you today, but once again you’re going to meet it without any problems. Other people will be amazed by how you skilled you are at finishing work that needs to be done in record time, and they’ll probably want to know what your secret is. Of course, you don’t have to tell them! You have pride in your abilities, and some of the pride could be diluted if you gave away all your techniques. Keep your secrets.


When you’re around others today, keep your curiosity under control. It’s not wise to ask too many probing questions. While there’s tons of interesting stuff you could uncover, you are more likely to ask the wrong thing of the wrong person. Wait for them to volunteer information instead. Right now, you need to stick with the people you came with in any situation. You’re there to be with them, so save meeting new people for some other time.


This is not a good time to indulge in any expensive purchases. Not only could it drain your wallet way too much, but it will probably fall short of your hopes. The energy just isn’t quite right for a big extravagance now. Skip all of your regular splurges and stay close to home where there is harmony and plenty of free entertainment.


Travel is at the top of your mind right now, especially travel to overseas destinations. But if this type of travel isn’t in your immediat future, simply use your creativity to feed your wanderlust. Pick up an epic novel that takes place in an exotic locale, stream a documentary about one of your must-see spots, or get take-out from a restaurant that creates dishes from a far-off place. You don’t have to board an airplane to take yourself on new adventures!


It’s going to be fun and easy to stay in sync with other people today. All the people you’re working with are right on the same page as you, feeling the same things, and reaching for the same goals. This means you won’t have to waste any energy being more flexible than you’re willing to be. You can stick to your guns and stay on track. Just go do what you think is the right thing to do, and rest assured that everyone will be right alongside you every step of the way.


Hobbies and pastimes can become a way of channeling emotions. This could be very therapeutic and quite healing in many ways. You may also find certain relationships equally uplifting. Indeed, you could find yourself talking and relating on an intimate level very easily, and that could feel good to you. On another note, an innovative idea might revolutionize your work life.


If you’re in need of some energy today, look no further than one of your closest friends. Get it touch and see what’s going on with them. If the news is less than rosy, volunteer to pitch right in and help them sort things out. You can help them fix some real problems quickly so that the two of you can get on with what you really want to do. Plus, solving their issues will inject you with a nice shot of confidence and give them a nice reminder of why you’re one of their best friends.


Beating deadlines, with whatever is handy, is what you will be focusing on today. No post-lunch siesta for you. The later part of the day, relaxing with your sweetheart, ought to make up for all the running around you had to do earlier.