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Pokemag’s Daily Horoscope – Saturday, January 23rd

Your Pokemag’s daily horoscope is ready. Some of you will relate, some may not. Either way, we hope you find the motivation and encouragement to make the most of your day.


You’re just like James Bond except your license is to thrill. You’ve got the magnetism and suaveness to charm anyone from heads of state to rival spymasters. Just about the only thing you’re missing is an arsenal of shiny gadgets. But who are we kidding? The most lethal thing around is you in your best formal wear, with a glass of something exotic in your hand. You’d just better be careful where you aim that stuff.


Isn’t it exhausting to try and be the person in charge all the time? Sit back and let the universe drive just this once. Who knows? You might enjoy the experience so much that you decide to do it more often. And really, sometimes the arrangements the universe comes up with are much more appropriate than the ones you try to wrench into place. You may hate to admit it, but you know it’s true. So relax and put your feet up.


Jumping to conclusions is a fun and easy sport, but they don’t give medals for it at the Olympics, and there’s a good reason why. It just makes things unnecessarily complicated in the long run. While it might be tempting, don’t come to any conclusions before all the evidence is in. You might save yourself a lot of time and trouble that way. That old saying about an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is a good one to remember now. Repeat it to yourself if necessary.


If you can’t find anything, it might be time for some heavy-duty closet cleaning. Holding onto things that don’t fit or that you haven’t worn in years just means there’s less space in your closet for a fresh start. Go ahead and do a big purge. Donate or sell anything that’s just adding unnecessary clutter to your life. Who knows? This little exercise might end up creating more room in other areas of your life as well.


Why not let someone else lead for a change? You’ve gotten so used to being in charge that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to not bear the entire burden of responsibility, and that’s not good. So go ahead and delegate. You can always check in with them later to see how it’s going. You might be pleasantly surprised to see how someone rises to the occasion when given the opportunity.


Money changes everything, especially if you’re having problems with it. In and of itself, money is neither good nor bad, but it is a source of energy that you should respect. Are you being careful with your resources? Or is your relationship with your finances perhaps a little less than healthy? If the latter situation is true, now is the time to take a good, hard look at how you deal with your cash.


Someone (and you know exactly who it is) used to do a lot of nice things for you, but what have they done for you lately? If it takes you more than five minutes to think of the last time the thought of you know who brought you a moment of genuine pleasure, perhaps it’s time to rethink your relationship. Is this a situation that can be changed? Is it one you even want to change? All these are very good questions. Start thinking about the answers.


Think of yourself as Switzerland, especially if two people you care about are involved in a knock-down, drag-out war. Stay neutral and refuse to become a sounding board for their problems. Insist that it’s up to them to work it out. If they act like a dog with a bone and keep tugging on you, make a discreet exit until this dies down. If you show any favoritism, someone is going to be mad.


How long has this been going on? Could it be that while you weren’t looking something kindled (or rekindled) between the two of you when you least expected it? Isn’t that always the way it is with romance? Just when you thought it had gone for good, it always pops up again. Go ahead and see where this goes. It’s too good an opportunity to waste.


What the heck was that? Did you just feel the earth move under your feet? Lately it feels like foundations that you take for granted no matter what are being shifty and unreliable. It’s important to remember that in this world, the only constant is change. So while it feels like everything is in a state of upheaval, hold on to a sense of perspective and you’ll be just fine.


Your brain is like a bottle of champagne right now: all bubbles and fizz and tons of excitement. What’s more, you’re able to communicate all that zesty, sparkly activity and the zillion ideas you have to everyone around you. Hmmm. If there weren’t so many synapses firing all over the place, it would almost be like a party in here!


Something’s obscuring your vision like a veil. If you concentrate, you might be able to lift a corner of it and see clearly. Forcing it, however, might not work. Ever notice how the best ideas come to you while you’re showering, driving, or doing the dishes? Go putter around the house and put the issue in the back of your mind. The solution will come to you before you know it.