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Pokemag’s Daily Horoscope – Thursday, January 28th

Your Pokemag’s daily horoscope is ready. Some of you will relate, some may not. Either way, we hope you find the motivation and encouragement to make the most of your day.


Friends are the family you choose for yourself, and you have chosen very well! That will become all the more apparent today when someone backs you up in a potentially embarrassing situation. Once again, this person has come to your rescue. To repay them, tell them how much they really mean to you and how much you value them in your life. Honest communication like this will make a bigger impression on them than any gift could.


Be mindful that when you’re communicating your feelings, sometimes the other people aren’t paying attention. It’s not because what you feel isn’t interesting, and it’s not because they don’t care how you feel. Other people are going through tough times now, and you need to be mindful of that. Acknowledge that they also have issues before you go on and on about yours. Ask them questions and listen to the answers. You will learn valuable insights from what they say.


Has a recent spending spree left you feeling just a bit regretful? Today, if you can undo any of the damage, you should. Take back whatever you don’t need, and make a promise to yourself to be a little bit thriftier with your money. You don’t have to dramatically change your spending habits or turn into a cheapskate, but you should sober your spending. A big opportunity is coming up, and you will need more cash than you have to take advantage of it.


You might think you’re seeing double today. Your eyes could be playing some serious tricks on you, especially when they are trained on someone whose opinions you value highly. Wanting to believe something is true isn’t the same thing as making something true, so be sure to look at people with a clear, critical eye. You need to be able to admit to the truth when you see it and act accordingly. If you learn something new and wait too long to act on it, the truth has gone to waste.


The modest kitten deep down inside of you has been slowly turning into a very proud lion over the past few months, and you’re becoming more and more aware of your power. Today, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to flex your muscles and surprise one or two people who think they already know all about you and what you’ll do next. The element of surprise is a powerful force, and it will help you make an indelible impression on some intimidating people.


If you’re looking for some help to develop your self-discipline, you need only look in the mirror. No one can control you as well as you can control yourself, so stop looking for outside solutions for your inner issues. You obviously have a vested interest in how you develop as a person, so you have to focus on helping yourself develop. That little voice inside of you knows what’s good for you and what isn’t good for you, so listen to it.


A fast and furious stream of information could be coming at you today, and you need to do your best to avoid it. Hide under your desk, turn off your phone, and lose your passwords. Make yourself harder to get hold of. You need to turn down the volume in your life! This will enable you to appreciate the smaller things, like a friend’s laugh or a perfect cup of coffee. There’s no need to be the center of the action today. Just be the center of your own world.


Someone you thought you’d never see again could pop back on the scene today, although probably not in person. They could send you an e-mail, appear in a search result, or just pass you by on the street. There won’t be direct contact, but there will still be a chance to learn something from the encounter. It’s time to let go of past grudges, suspicions, or hard feelings and realize that life is too short to get caught up in petty games.


It’s time you got reacquainted with the bolder, more aggressive you! The milder, more passive you has been doing well for a while now, but today’s events could require you to do a lot of questioning, and you’ll want to be prepared. Dress the part of the responsible adult, and know that the first impression you make will be a long-lasting one. Your ability to start interesting conversations is strong, so why not just push it a bit further? Ask the questions no one else dares to ask.


Sure, you have a lot of decisions to make right now, but don’t think that you have to spend the same amount of time making each one. Prioritize and act more quickly than you usually do. Don’t waste too much time mulling things over. Your gut is going to help you make the right choices, so use it. Too much research and deliberation will paralyze you. Act without really knowing what the outcome will be, and things will be most favorable for you.


Your bright, fabulous attitude can help you overcome silly little details today. Move on to deal with the bigger picture when it comes to where you are and where you want to be. While everyone else is getting mired in the petty nuances of who said what to whom, you will be blissfully removed from all of that drama. Happiness is coursing through your veins, showing you that there is more to life than speculation and small-minded gossip. You have better things to do.


Your feelings won’t always be the same as the feelings of the most important person in your life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your feelings for each other are going to dissolve any time soon either. If you find yourself laughing hysterically at a commercial while they’re fighting back tears, don’t fret. It’s a difference you should respect and even celebrate. Don’t take it as a sign that something is wrong. Just let it be and hand them a tissue!