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Pokemag’s Daily Horoscope – Tuesday, January 19th

Your Pokemag’s daily horoscope is ready. Some of you will relate, some may not. Either way, we hope you find the motivation and encouragement to make the most of your day.


On certain days you’re just plain old lucky, no matter who you’re with, what you do, or whether it’s a foolhardy move or not. This is your day to be lucky. This doesn’t mean you should take off for a day of skydiving or motorcycling on the freeway, but if you’ve been thinking about getting to know someone new and you’re feeling a bit on the shy side about starting a conversation, think about that good fortune and use it.


If you’re asked to make a donation, buy something whose proceeds will go to a nonprofit organization, or contribute your time to a worthy cause, you’ll be only too happy to do it now, and you really should. You’ll feel satisfied with what you’ve done and who you’ve helped, and you’ll feel good about it for days to come. Just be sure someone who sees a soft heart doesn’t take advantage of you.


Be careful to think before you speak today because you could be letting a secret out without meaning to. In fact, if you’re not sure that you’ve been authorized to talk about a certain issue, don’t utter one single peep. Walk away and think about it, or better still, talk to the person who confided in you. That way you’ll be absolutely sure, and you won’t have to risk anyone being angry about it.


Your feelings about a certain situation involving a family member or an old friend need to be expressed right now. Fortunately, you’re ready to let them out, and they’re ready to hear it all. When the time comes and you’re asked what you think about a certain situation, even if it means being a referee of sorts, don’t hold back. There are ways to say what’s on your mind without offending anyone, and you’re familiar with them all.


Dreams, nostalgia, and thoughts of how great things used to be are on your mind now, and they’re having a powerful effect on you. Before you get too swept up in all that nostalgia, be sure you’re remembering everything correctly, with your mind and not just your heart. If you’re in doubt, talk to a friend who understands you and knows what’s really going on in your life. Experience is a great teacher.


Your first impulse might be to say exactly what’s on your mind now, and that could be the best thing. On the other hand, if there’s any way you can count to ten before you reply, that might not be a bad idea either. Being sure of what you say before you say it is a good thing, as is making sure you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings without meaning to, and you’d never want to do that.


The family members you’ve been trying to help out will finally realize what you’ve been up to, and believe it or not, you may even hear a thank you or two. In the meantime, keep doing what you’ve been doing. Sit back, operate quietly from behind the scenes, and don’t share any secrets you don’t absolutely have to share. Once they find out what you’ve done, they’ll be extra sweet to you too.


Be careful with money matters now. It will be easy for others to take advantage of you if they know how soft your heart is and how much you care about other people. Before you sign anything, anything at all, have someone you know and love look it over for you, and don’t let your heart sway your mind. Your friendship is the best gift of all.


Your daily routine should keep you quite busy. In fact, you really shouldn’t count on your schedule turning out the way you’d expect it to. You’ll be busy, there’s no doubt about that, but you’ll also be dealing with pleasant and unexpected situations that come up at the last moment. Instead of being upset about it, enjoy the break in the routine. You could end up meeting someone wonderful you never would have met otherwise.


Higher-ups could be especially helpful to you now, but it won’t seem that way at first. In fact, you probably won’t know what they’re talking about when they first broach the issue, no matter how hard they try to explain it to you. The good news is that if you force them to go over the situation with you, they’ll be able to see the problems and what’s confusing about it. Go ahead and ask.


The folks you’ve been associating with for months now will be only too happy to back you up, no matter what you need or when you need it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to agree to let them help you. Your part is to swallow your pride. You can do it. And think of how good they’ll feel about themselves after they realize you’ve actually let someone help you for a change.


Your dreams could be especially prophetic now, so try to remember them when you wake up. In fact, this wouldn’t be a bad time to start up a dream journal. Keeping track of what your mind does while you’re sleeping can help you figure out what’s going on in the real world. And, at the very least, you’ll end up knowing a bit more about yourself. Get out your pen and pick up a new journal.