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Pokemag’s Daily Horoscope – Wednesday, February 3rd

Your Pokemag’s daily horoscope is ready. Some of you will relate, some may not. Either way, we hope you find the motivation and encouragement to make the most of your day.


The audience you appear in front of today isn’t in the mood for vagueness or coded business speak. You need to speak directly and clearly if you want to keep their attention any longer than common manners requires them to give it. Your boldness is going to be like a breath of fresh air, and you can expect a lot of people to perk up when you start telling it like it is. You will make an impression on the group no matter what you do, so why not choose to be genuine?


You’re far too humble to start bragging left and right about your recent accomplishments, but in your quest to not be pompous, are you depriving yourself of some positive press that you really deserve? You should softly toot your own horn today. Let a few blabbermouths in on what you’ve done or won and let them do the gossip spreading for you. People need to know how awesome you are, so don’t hide your gifts away. Share them with pride and confidence.


Lighten up about yourself! No matter how bad things may or may not be right now, there is plenty of stuff in your life that you can celebrate. Stop dwelling on the worries and the woes that have been swirling around your head lately. Flip through some old photos and laugh at the haircuts you thought were cool and the fashion mistakes you made. Bake yourself a batch of your favorite cookies and eat them all by yourself! Just be silly and avoid getting too deep into your own thoughts.


Being selfless and giving your time to a worthy cause is a wonderful thing to do, but if you’re only doing it for bragging rights, there’s no point in doing it at all. People can see through a false act, even yours, which is better than most. If you want to start showing off, you don’t have to cook up an excuse to do it. You’re fabulous enough just being you! So walk around strutting your stuff like you’re the biggest star in the world. Many folks already think you are!


The biggest risk you can take in life isn’t letting it all ride on black at the craps table or betting your life savings on a football game. No, the biggest risk you can take is to give your heart completely to someone else. But the rush you get when the risk pays off is greater than any amount of money ever will be. It is worth it. Even if you lose, your heart will be yours again and you will be so much wiser. Sharing your feelings is a win/win situation.


When you feel a jolt of social electricity hit you today, go with it. Don’t be too rigid and try to figure out why you’re feeling this burst of conviviality, just enjoy it! You’re starting to see someone in a whole new light, and chances are that they’re starting to see you in a new light as well. Isn’t it time that you two planned some alone time together? Keep it light and casual. You’re ready to find out what makes them tick.


Are you afraid to take on a leadership role? You might have no choice today when other people start looking to you for answers or advice. Don’t freak out! You can handle their questions. Your intuition, intelligence, and creativity have always come through for you in the past, and they will come through for you again today. Feel free to dole out advice on topics you are familiar with. But when things get outside your comfort zone, be smart and refer them to the experts.


Save all of your outrageous antics for another time. Today you want to keep things low-key. Ironically, being subdued will end up getting you a lot more attention than being flashy would. Being loud and flamboyant is a problem right now. It could jar people too much and cause them to focus on the wrong aspects of your personality. It’s your quiet confidence that will really help people understand what you’re all about and what you bring to the table.


Is someone’s generous gift causing you to feel guilty? Do you worry that you don’t truly deserve the praise (or the price tag)? Set your guilt aside and learn how to accept the things that people give to you. Thank them and then move on. Whether you personally think you deserve it or not isn’t really relevant. They wanted to do this for you, and it made them feel good to do it. If you protest too much, you’ll only end up making them feel self-conscious.


The person you are worried about right now needs your patience and support more than anything, so give them the space they’re asking for. Don’ be too demanding of them about coming clean with all their innermost feelings. If they don’t feel like sharing, that doesn’t mean they don’t trust you. It might just mean that they don’t even know how they feel yet. They need to process things, and you need to let them do it. You’ll be the first one they call when they’re ready to talk.


You could be given a wonderful opportunity to share what you think with people who can make a difference in your world. Their fixed ideas about what is right are starting to loosen up, and they are in an unusually receptive frame of mind. In fact, they are looking for someone who can articulate a better way of doing things. Is that someone you? The only way to find out is to contribute to the discussion. Don’t sit back in the corner, this time. Sit up front and make your points.


If you’re going to be around a big personality today, your tendency might be to let them take the lead and call the shots. After all, they enjoy it and they seem to be pretty good at it. But there may be too much going on for this person to be able to get a good handle on things and prioritize them correctly. What you need on a day like today is a more level-headed person who knows how to get stuff done. Is that person you? If so, step up and take the lead!