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Second Life, an event by EBF

Take Part in “Second Life” this Friday 22nd – an online event by EBF.

Emerging Business Factory, or EBF in short, is the first IT and media incubator in Marrakech and its region.

EBF looks forward to seeing you this Friday, May 22 from 9:00 pm to 3:00 am, on a new online event: “Second Life”, the beginning of a new life!

Why ?

Previously on April 10th, EBF held a Hackathon entitled ¬ę Heal The Economy ¬Ľ, which lasted for 2 days, and during which many participants reflected on the post quarantine era in Morocco and had as a mission the economic recovery of this latter and of the whole Marrakech Region in particular.

This 48-hour brainstorming session came in naturally given the current situation that Morocco dwells on and which has caught several businesses and entrepreneurs off guard.

However, some key areas have not been addressed. Not one to leave a single stone unturned, EBF invites you all to a new event this Friday, May 22 from 9:00 pm to 3:00 am to take up from where it left off.

This event, which will last the whole evening, will shed light on creative industries, which include art, music, culture… and which bring meaning to everything.

Who ?

The event is open to all! The aim is to gather at least 1000 participants who enjoy the spirit of initiative, be it women or men entrepreneurs, in order to rebuild the city of Marrakech together!

Whether you’re a speaker or a listener, an introvert or an extrovert, or someone in between, the event is for you all!!

How ?

The event will be virtualized thanks to the Hopin platform. This platform can host up to 100,000 spectators simultaneously via its videoconferencing tool.

Several formats will follow one another: 5 to 10 minute talks with around 50 speakers and 30 minute mini debates.

The evening will be divided into three parts:

  • The first part will be dedicated to the creative industries
  • then comes the implementation of a to-do list: what are the essential steps that an entrepreneur must follow in order to best manage deconfinement?
  • and what better than an artistic performance to close the curtains (virtually)?

During the evening, paintings and works by artists, including Mahi Binebine, will be auctioned in order to raise funds for social actions to contribute to the autonomy of different families, by offering them, for example, sewing machines.

Second Life, an event by EBF