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Teleworking: The reflexes to adopt in order to optimize your productivity

Teleworking: The reflexes to adopt for maximum productivity

How to stay productive while teleworking? The question continues to preoccupy the minds of many employees, especially those who are not used to working remotely.

The question also deserves to be asked because it seems that this way of organising work will always have its place, even after the health crisis.

In the opinion of many, the containment imposed in Morocco in the face of the coronavirus pandemic constitutes a real accelerator of teleworking which, a few months ago, was only adopted by a minority of companies.

Ryan Kirk, founder of Maroc Treasure, shares five reflexes to adopt in order to optimize remote productivity:

Define your priorities:

Are you asking the right questions, such as how can I improve my professional life? What do I need to learn more about? What’s stopping me from achieving my dreams? Healthy confinement is a real opportunity to question yourself, to work on yourself and above all to reflect on the balance between your personal and professional life.

Plan your week:

Once the list of priorities has been established, you must now plan your week by setting goals to achieve. You should also evaluate yourself, as this will help you better achieve your goals and stay motivated.

Maintain, by all means, your energy:

As the confinement extends, you must plan actions to keep your energy at a good level. Avoid falling into destructive patterns that lead to low energy and decreased motivation and productivity. Sleeping well at night, exercising and eating a balanced diet are among the things that will boost your energy and keep you creative.

Arrange a workspace:

If you try to be productive by sitting on the couch in front of the television with your children in the same room, you are preparing for failure. If you don’t have a home office, you can simply create a space that you can devote to work.

Keep the time you spend on social networks to a minimum:

Avoid surfing the internet too much, checking for news about coronavirus or looking for information that won’t be useful to you and may lead you into negativity. Remember that containment won’t last forever. We will go back to work, the children will go back to school and this will end. It is important to seek to come out of this time healthier, stronger, smarter and proud of all that you have accomplished and appreciated with the gift of extra time.