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TIFAWINE: A song about hope performed by Moroccan Rap King Inkonnu and Amazigh's ambassador Iguidr.

TIFAWINE: A song about hope performed by Moroccan Rap King Inkonnu and Amazigh’s ambassador Iguidr.

In what seems to be one the toughest periods in the history of the world, two Moroccan rappers decided that neither dwelling on deadly pandemic Coronavirus, nor being under Quarantine should impact their hopes of the life that they’ve always dreamed to have.

What better than music to spread their beautiful message?

The song title “Tifawine” is self-explanatory for the Amazighi audience. But to all of us whose Amazighi linguistic knowledge is limited at “Agharass Agharass, and Aghroum”, we are in terrible need of a translation.

“Tifawine” literally translates to “A Glimmer of Hope”. And hope is all we need to overcome this critical situation that caused the social distancing that we now dwell on. A situation that deprived us all of the beauty of a video clip that was supposed to accompany the audio.

As Tifawine stands literally for hope, it figuratively awakens the positivity that some of us have lost watching the frustrating daily news about the thousands of lives harvested by Coronavirus.

Now that we know the meaning of the song title, doesn’t our curiosity beg to know the inspiration behind as well?

Luckily for my curiosity, and yours as well, Inkonnu is sitting just by my side. Yes, we’re both quarantined in the same flat. Although it would flatter him to see the title I chose for this article, I didn’t show it to him, because I didn’t write it to please him in the first place, and he already knows his worth. Facts are just facts, and at best, they sugar-coat themselves. After all, I’m just writing what I feel, just as he brings to melody the words that shape his feeling brain.

So, I took my fingers away from the keyboard and asked him about who came up with the song title. To be honest with you, I just wanted to make sure if Iguidir, who’s an Amazighi speaker, was the one to come up with Tifawine as a title.

To my surprise, it was Inkonnu who did. While he was top-lining, which is another way of saying writing a song over a pre-made beat, he wrote something very similar to the term “Tifawine”. And only when he was singing the chorus that Iguidr deciphered what Inkonnu was top-lining.

And that, in short, is how the song title was decided.

Did the aliens help him out?

Until Inkonnu answers this question, I leave you all with the song “Tifawine”. Hope it brings hope to your soul.