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We Are Not The Same. Okay?

We Are Not The Same. Okay?

Hello, Yousra here,

Or shall I say, a tiny little human sharing this huge universe with lots of creatures like me,

Can you believe we get to be more than 7 Billion people on this Earth, yet only a few understand that “difference” is an obvious thing? 

It’s very likely to have at least two persons who act and behave 100% like each other in every aspect of life, and who have the same manners, fashion, diets … 

But it’s impossible to have 7 billion identical people. The number of backgrounds and histories out there is just enormous.

The big mistake that almost everyone makes, is when two people are born in the same place, let’s say the same country, one of them expects the other person to be exactly like them, have the same fashion sense, same way of talking, same religion …

Maybe to understand that, we should take it the whole way around, or as we say in the scientific world : A Proof by Contradiction. ( You know, that fancy expression to say that we actually prove something by assuming the opposite ) 

Let’s dive in : 

Hello, Yousra Here, 
Or Shall I say, a tiny human in this huge universe, with lots of people, AND THEY ARE ALL LIKE ME …

Can you believe it ? More than 7 billion people on this earth, and we all have the same EVERYTHING. We eat the same, dress the same, we have the same taste in music, we share the same interests, we all like the same football team, we have the same hair type, we have the same religion, we speak the same language … 

To be honest, that was fine for like … 5 secondes, but then it got super boring, 

Let me compare that to a feeling we all know by heart nowadays, dear QUARANTINE, 

You know that quarantine day 40 feeling … The days repeat themselves, the hours repeat themselves, the minutes repeat themselves, the seconds repeat themselves … It really gets tiring to a point, there is no diversity, you can still create fun stuff to do, but that feeling of pointlessness stays there in the background, 

And you know why ?

Because this lifestyle is FORCED on us so that we protect ourselves and the people we love. Yes, I wrote FORCED with capital letters, because, let’s be honest, When we are working, studying, doing the normal life things, baking cookies, taking care of our skin, reading more books, taking care of our garden, working out … Those things have a meaning, they have a point, we tell ourselves “Oh I cannot wait until the weekend, or the holidays “ 

But now those holidays are forced on us, it is not special anymore.

Same thing happens when we talk about differences and diversity. We all get excited when we finally find that one person who likes the same things we like, either in friendships or love or anything you want, some people love to call it “ a soulmate”, 

Finding that person out of all the different people there is, makes them so special and dear to us, it makes us bond amazing friendships, and a lifetime love story; The Non Forcing it makes everything special, 

So let’s not force anyone to be a certain thing, difference is great, diversity is great, it makes us learn lots of things about each other, discover cultures and places, 

We should force nobody to be like us, and nobody should feel the need to be like others, 

We are all special in our own ways. 

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